Wine Room Additions for Tucson, AZ Homes

Some wine lovers aren’t content with traveling to a wine bar or buying a few bottles at a time. Instead, they have their own impressive collection they display with pride in their home.

If your countertop wine cooler is no longer enough to house your growing collection, it could be time to build a wine room. The proper design incorporates everything you need to enjoy your passion to the fullest, from suitable storage racks to climate control and stunning good looks.

If you’re eager to add a wine room to your home, choose Aaron & Co. for the job. We’ve demonstrated our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction since our company began. We’re ready to bring your vision to life!

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Designing a Wine Cellar for Your Tucson Home

Wine rooms have unique requirements that don’t apply to any other room. Here’s what to consider as your project begins:

  • How large is your collection? When you decide to upgrade to a dedicated wine room, don’t sell yourself short. Generally, you should give yourself room to expand your collection by at least 30%. Consider the sizes and shapes of your bottles as well. A universal racking system is the best way to accommodate any unusual pieces.
  • How will you implement climate control? Apart from size, the temperature and humidity in your wine room are the most important considerations. An ideal temperature of around 55 degrees ensures the wine ages at the ideal speed. Maintaining 60% relative humidity also helps prevent the corks from drying out or becoming moldy. Consider the insulation level, humidification equipment, and HVAC system you’ll need to create the ideal wine storage conditions.
  • Where will you locate your wine room? Wine rooms can take many different forms. Whether you choose to remodel a closet, close off a corner of the basement, or construct a one-of-a-kind wine cellar, Aaron & Co. can help with the design and construction process. When considering your options, keep in mind that up to 250 bottles can be stored in as little as 30 square feet, though you also need space for an adjacent climate control room.
  • What is your personal design style? You want to showcase your collection with pride, so your wine room should encompass your style. Aaron & Co. can help you select fixtures and finishes that give the space a unique look while harmonizing with the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

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Why Choose Aaron & Co. for Wine Room Remodeling in Tucson?

Wine rooms are a prime example of why no remodeling project is “one size fits all.” When you choose Aaron & Co. to bring your vision to life, rest assured that we’ll carefully consider your wants and needs as we formulate a design. We make sure the ideas we present are unique to you and will meet your goals without compromise.

You can be confident that we maintain a high level of personal integrity, complete transparency, and open communication to help make your project a pleasant experience from start to finish. This approach is something our clients love about us, and we’re sure you’ll love it, too!

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