How To Plan Meals During a Kitchen Remodel

Family cooking in outdoor kitchen

When it’s time to start your kitchen remodel, living without this essential room can be disruptive to your family’s daily life. During construction, you won’t be able to use your cooktop, kitchen sink, dishwasher, or oven. It’s often a tough transition for many families, especially those with younger children or who enjoy hanging out together during meal prep and eating times.

But fear not — there are steps you can take to prepare yourself for life without a proper kitchen before your remodel begins.

  1. Set up a temporary kitchen. It’s certainly a plus if you happen to have an outdoor kitchen. Most homeowners, though, dedicate space in the garage, basement, or even a spare bedroom for kitchen chores. Many of the items in your kitchen can be packed up and stored until the remodel is done, but you should set aside the cooking and eating utensils you’ll need to see you through. Consider using disposable plates and cups to avoid cleanup hassles.
  2. Use an outdoor grill. Fortunately, Tucson’s great climate makes this possible just about year-round. Depending on your equipment, you can use an outdoor grill for barbecuing, cooking vegetables, and preparing foil-wrapped foods and dishes.
  3. Prepare meals ahead of time. A few weeks before your remodel begins, prepare casseroles, soups, and other meals, and put them in the freezer. Then you can use your microwave or outdoor grill to reheat them.
  4. Get adventurous. If you have a microwave, air fryer, tabletop wok, Instant Pot, slow cooker, or a food processor or blender, there are dozens of delicious meals you can make with them. Pair them with easy sides like cold salads and slaws for stress-free meal prep. Don’t rule out frozen meals you can heat up in the microwave. And speaking of adventure, why not plan some picnic meals in the backyard or at one of the Tucson area’s many picnic areas?
  5. Dining out and takeaway. Eating out every night could blow up your remodeling budget, but visiting a restaurant or ordering in occasionally can be a fun dining option. Venturing out to local restaurants you’ve been meaning to try is also a great way to take a break from the construction zone.

If you plan and prepare, you can survive and thrive — and even have fun! — during a kitchen remodeling project. Implementing some or all of these tips will help keep your family’s life balanced and relaxed during what can often be a stressful time.

Whether you’re changing up your existing space or adding a new kitchen, Aaron & Co. can help you create the perfect kitchen design for your Tucson home. We make the entire process from design to materials, selection, and construction easy while providing professional, quality services that are second to none.

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