Kitchen Additions

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Do you have a big family? Perhaps you love hosting large gatherings at your home. Either way, your tiny kitchen makes it hard to cook for a crowd. When your kitchen just doesn’t cut it, you know it’s time to make a change.

With a kitchen addition from Aaron & Co., you can tear down interior walls, bump out exterior walls, and borrow square footage from adjacent rooms to completely transform the space. While you’re at it, you can update the fixtures and finishes and even reconfigure the entire layout to make your kitchen fit for a chef.

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Common Kitchen Addition Projects

If your kitchen is small and cramped, replacing the countertops and appliances isn’t enough. You need to expand the square footage to make room for the features you’ve always wanted. Here are some kitchen addition projects that will give the space new life:

  • Extend the cabinetry: Does your home have a second living room you don’t use much while your kitchen is crammed into the corner? Double the size of your kitchen by taking square footage from this underused area, and extend your cabinetry all the way down the wall!
  • Add a kitchen island: Maybe you need to bump out the kitchen walls to make space for the island you’ve always wanted. This addition grants you much-needed storage, seating, and counter space.
  • Install a breakfast nook: Your family will be more inclined to slow down in the morning when you have a cozy breakfast nook to start the day together.
  • Include a walk-in pantry: You’ll have no shortage of food storage when you knock down the wall at the edge of the kitchen and replace it with a walk-in pantry, complete with a coffee-making station or built-in wine cooler.

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Benefits of a Kitchen Addition

Are you on the fence about adding square footage to your home? The faster you get your kitchen addition project started, the sooner you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved functionality: There’s no question that having more space makes your kitchen more functional. Other advanced features — such as custom storage solutions, a six-burner cooktop, and a smart refrigerator — further boost this benefit.
  • Increased property value: Kitchens are one of the first features home buyers consider. Your enlarged, luxurious space will draw attention, along with a higher asking price, if you ever decide to sell.
  • Accessibility for all: A kitchen designed to help you age in place ensures you can live in your home safely and independently for many more years. Universal design elements you may want to incorporate into your addition include open space under the counters for wheelchair access, two-tiered kitchen islands, motorized upper cabinets, pull-out shelves, non-slip flooring, and a drawer-style dishwasher.

Why Choose Aaron & Co?

From our initial consultation to the moment you lay eyes on your new kitchen, Aaron & Co. offers the quality you expect and the experience you deserve. Our team accounts for your every need throughout the design process, ensuring you end up with the highest-quality kitchen addition that’s a true reflection of your unique style. We also guarantee your complete satisfaction, so there’s no reason to put off your project any longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Additions

Is a kitchen addition worth it?

Adding an extra room to your home, or expanding a tiny existing room, provides your family with space to grow while increasing its value. Aside from financial return on investment, a kitchen addition is something your family and friends can enjoy for years to come. It also allows you to stay in the neighborhood you love instead of moving to a house that better accommodates your needs.

Does a kitchen island add value?

Yes, adding a kitchen island can create even more value than custom cabinets and modern fixtures. An island adds storage and prep space and can also provide additional seating and act as a room divider. And since islands are available in multiple shapes, there’s bound to be one that works perfectly in your kitchen.

Can I expand my kitchen during a remodel?

Yes. Expanding your kitchen during a remodel requires removing at least one wall to open the space up. Sometimes it’s an interior wall, like one enclosing a breakfast nook. Or you might want to do a “kitchen bump-out,” which is essentially an extension of your existing home into the side or back yard.