Aging-in-Place & Accessibility Remodeling

You’ve probably spent a lifetime building your home. This is the foundation of your greatest loves, dreams, and smiles, so age and disability shouldn’t require you to move. An aging-in-place strategy will transform your home into an accessible, secure space that will support your independence for as long as humanly possible. As the name suggests, accessibility remodeling adjusts your house to make room for your disabilities, and millions are choosing it over nursing homes and retirement villages. At Aaron & Co., we treasure the life you love. We’ll take care of your accessibility needs one dream at a time. Contact our team for a free consultation that will kick off your journey.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is probably the toughest room to use when you have a disability. It requires you to bend, stoop, and resist slippery surfaces, so most accessibility remodeling starts here. If you’re using a wheelchair, you’ll need grab bars to help you into the tub. Infinity showers are a favorite option for their remarkable ease of use. The mere removal of floor curbs will render your shower safe and accessible. It’s one of the most economical adjustments you can make. Railings are, of course, also necessary to keep you from slipping, and you might benefit from floors with better grip. If you’re plagued by arthritis, levered faucets will take the pain out of handwashing. Elevated toilet seats can also have a powerful effect on your everyday life, removing the strain of rising from a low place. Your bathroom can give you 100% independence, so let’s make it happen.

Bedroom Renovations

Smart home technology has changed the lives of those living with disabilities. It makes room for forgetfulness by tracking your shopping needs. It can eliminate the need for light switches that provide no wheelchair access and give you outdoor visuals so that you can manage your visits securely. Get started today with a scheduled consultation.

Kitchen Accessibility

Everyday kitchens are virtually impossible to access from a wheelchair. Cabinets are high. Cupboards have tiny handles. Faucets are difficult to wield if you don’t have the gripping power you once did. A kitchen accessibility renovation can optimize your storage and lower your cabinets so that you can easily use your sink, countertops, and stove. There is no reason for a wheelchair to get in the way of your cooking preferences.

What You Need from an Accessibility Expert

Accessibility adjustments become better every year as manufacturers come up with fresh innovations, so you need a remodeling company that lives on the cusp of a technological revolution. Accessibility tools need to adapt to your unique disability, so Aaron & Co. will sit down with you to discuss your options. Book a free in-home consultation today.

Accessibility tools are often made for their universal appeal. While that doesn’t negate their benefits, it’s generally best to hire a contractor who can achieve a more personalized effect. This ensures you of the most convenience and takes cognizance of your occupational health needs. Aaron & Co. isn’t afraid to think outside the box. While we understand and respect the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we also know that every disability is different. We’ll make sure you have as much access as possible to your home’s features, whether that means ramps, wider corridors, or safer floors.

We pride ourselves on providing only the finest service. We deal with every client with the integrity and professionalism we value so much. Get started with your accessibility project today.