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Three generations of family together on a sofaIt’s common for the older generation to move in with their kids and grandkids. This multigenerational living arrangement can benefit everyone involved — but only if there’s enough space and privacy to meet everyone’s needs.

That’s where in-law suites enter the picture. An in-law suite is an apartment-like space built on your property. It enables your parents or in-laws to live close to your family, decreasing everyone’s living expenses and allowing you to spend more quality time together while providing separate and private living areas.

Choose Aaron & Co. to construct or remodel part of your home as an in-law suite! We’ll help you create a beautiful, functional space that lets your multigenerational family live together comfortably.

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Options for Adding an In-Law Suite

Feel free to cater the design of your in-law suite to your family’s needs, property size, zoning rules, and HOA regulations. We’ll help you navigate your options to ensure you choose the best possible arrangement. Some of your options include:

Design Features To Include in an In-Law Suite

To create a comfortable, self-contained living space, your in-law suite should include the following:

  • Bedroom and full bathroom: Constructing these as a master suite offers a level of luxury your in-laws will appreciate.
  • Kitchenette: Having their own cooking and eating area gives your in-laws some independence.
  • Separate entrance: If the suite is attached to your house, building a private entrance helps keep the two living spaces separate.
  • Universal design: Physical needs and capabilities change as you age. With this in mind, it may be wise to incorporate universal design elements into your in-law suite. These include wider halls and doorways, curbless showers, grab bars, non-slip surfaces, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About In-Law Suite Remodeling

When should I add an in-law suite?

While this is a personal decision, the best time to add an in-law suite could be when your parents are physically or financially struggling to live independently. Instead of relocating to an assisted living facility, they can move into their own in-law suite close to their kids and grandkids.

Do all in-law suites need kitchens?

Ideally, the suite should include everything the occupants need to take care of themselves. You can certainly share your home’s primary kitchen as often as you want, but having a separate kitchenette in the in-law suite could benefit everyone.

Do in-law suites increase my home’s value?

Yes, adding an in-law suite raises your home’s resale value. Plus, in addition to housing your parents or in-laws, you have the option to rent out the self-contained unit as an apartment or vacation rental. This boost in monthly income makes the project a true investment.