Guesthouse Construction & Remodeling in Tucson, AZ

guesthouse construction in TucsonA guesthouse or a casita adds an entirely new level of happiness to your lifestyle. It gives you the freedom to enjoy guests throughout the year, whether as paying vacationers or family guests. If you’re money-minded, it’ll also put you into the Airbnb market.

Creative souls love their guesthouses for a different reason: They create art or writing space far away from the everyday home hubbub.

Multi-generational living is more popular than ever, and the extra living space can bring your family together without requiring everyone to live under the same roof. When you need some quiet time, you can simply stroll across the yard. Your guesthouse will revolutionize your social life and earning potential while adding to your home’s value.

Remodeling an Existing Guesthouse

Transforming a guesthouse or turning a shed or detached garage into a more functional, livable dwelling is a budget-friendly way to expand your home’s living space. With a few structural changes like adding windows, drywall, insulation, and flooring, as well as electrical or plumbing upgrades, you can create a comfortable and safe environment that adds value and appeal to your property.

The basics of a guesthouse remodel don’t differ much from a residential remodel; they’re just smaller, and you might be starting from an unlivable space. Typical guesthouse remodels include adding running water, electricity, a bathroom, sleeping quarters, and a kitchen and living area.

When designing a guesthouse, simplicity and minimalism are often best. The space should be open and full of natural light, with just enough style that guests feel right at home. Floorplans might differ, but every room should be easily accessible and clutter kept to a minimum. Which layout you choose depends on your overall design goals, space size, and budget.

Things to keep in mind when turning a structure into a fully functional guesthouse include:

  • New HVAC and electrical lines
  • New or additional piping
  • Subflooring
  • Framing interior walls
  • Insulating outer walls

If you want to add a kitchen or full bath to an existing guesthouse, you’ll need to factor in items like cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting, shower fixtures, and vanities.

As with all home design and remodeling, transforming an existing guesthouse takes careful consideration, understanding of form and function, and patience. While conversion projects are often completed quickly, if your project requires adding interior walls or installing bathroom or kitchen fixtures, it could take a bit longer.

And don’t forget to factor in the time it takes to get any necessary building permits.

Design Considerations for Your Guesthouse

Whether you’re building new or remodeling an existing structure, your guesthouse is only as beneficial (or profitable) as it is pocket-friendly. The less you spend, the higher your return on investment, so don’t be afraid to work on a budget.

Before you begin, you’ll need to choose an architectural strategy. Your options include:

  • Detached constructions: These are perfect for large yards and budgets.
  • Garage conversions: With your foundation in place, converting the space into a guesthouse is a little more budget-friendly.
  • Above-garage builds: If your yard is too small for a guesthouse, why not build new living space over your workshop or garage?
  • Bump-out designs: These small guesthouses are built into your existing space.
  • Modular homes: These are built off-site, then assembled on your land, so you’ll only need to build a foundation on-site.

Your guesthouse will need all the infrastructure of an ordinary home with electricity, plumbing fixtures, piping, and insulation. Every improvement you make to that basic structure will add to your profits when you ultimately sell your Tucson home, so think of them as investments rather than expenses.

Many designers favor a minimalist approach to layout, especially if you’re only using the space for family members and friends. Other important decisions include:

  • Location: Your build should offer privacy and seclusion, but in small yards, you should also consider building a second story, so your new space doesn’t use up too much of your landscaping.
  • Fit: Your guesthouse should enhance your existing home, including your own lifestyle.
  • The size of your project budget: Mid-market guesthouses tend to increase resale odds the most because they’re adequate for rental income, so stretching a bit on your budget may pay off down the line.
  • Your monthly budget: Routine costs can get expensive in larger guesthouses in terms of utility bills and maintenance.

What’s the Best Floor Plan for a Guesthouse?

There is no ideal floor plan, only the ideal floor plan for your needs. Choose yours based on your style preferences, existing architecture, and the purpose of your guesthouse. The latter point is particularly important. An open plan might suit your retired parents, but it might limit your rental options. A tiny living room might serve tenants, but not artists who want to use the space as a studio.

If you have a small footprint, you’ll need to maximize your footage by thinking creatively about vertical space. Before you start sketching a floor plan, develop a clear idea of the lifestyle you want it to support.

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