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Our Process

1. Complimentary In-Home Consultation

One of our design professionals will come to your home and help assess your needs. We examine your lifestyle and the goals of your home improvement project while suggesting solutions and ideas on how best to move forward. Preliminary budget requirements will be discussed, as well as our general process.

2. Design, Material, Selections & Budget

Once we’ve established that Aaron & Co is an excellent match for your project, we’ll enter the Design Development phase. During this, we’ll gain a more in-depth understanding of your existing space and project goals by taking accurate measurements, generating architectural floor plans, and continue with more in-depth surveys about the level of finishes and style desired.

During this process, we’ll present you with estimated project budgets based on the designs to ensure that we’re designing within your budget.

After we’ve isolated the preliminary design that best suits your needs, we continue to collaborate with you and your family to select every feature, material, appliance, and fixture that will go into your project and develop construction documents.

At this point, the final cost for your project is presented based on the final design and finishes that were developed and selected. This final cost is guaranteed because we’re confident about our level of planning.

3. Construction

Before construction starts, we hold a quick meeting with you to introduce the production team and your project manager.

This meeting covers the key information needed to complete a successful project. Lines of communication, material and tool storage, dust protection, work hours, and special requests are all gone over to ensure you’re happy with the final built product and the construction process.

Communication is the key to any successful remodeling project. We want to ensure you’re constantly communicating with your project manager. Therefore, we schedule weekly or bi-weekly routine meetings for your project to go over any coordination points and answer any questions you have that arise during construction.

4. Substantial Completion Walk-Through

Throughout the construction process, we’ll walk through with you to list any items that require attention. Our goal is to have a “Zero Punchlist” at the final walk of the project, meaning the project is just the way you want it. We believe it’s not your job to find our blemishes but our job to deliver a great project.

5. Post-Construction Wrap-Up

We let you experience and enjoy your new space for a few weeks and schedule a sit-down meeting in your home to gather feedback on how you feel the project was executed from design through completion so we can continue to improve and serve you even better during your next project.

6. Warranty

Often, construction will settle with your project materials expanding and contracting due to the change in seasons. This may cause minor separation in caulking or cracking in drywall or stucco. This is why Aaron & Co. provides a two-year workmanship warranty for all our projects.

We’ll contact you periodically after completing your project to ensure we’ve made you as happy as possible.

The Design-Build Process

At Aaron & Co, designing, planning, and executing your remodel is done through the design-build team approach. In a nutshell, this means you have everything and everyone available who you need to envision, design, and build your project.

Our team will guide you through the process, give you practical and relevant advice, and ensure we do everything possible to provide a great product and pleasant remodeling experience.

You’ve heard the rumors from friends and relatives: “It took twice as long and cost three times as much.” The primary reasons for this are lack of planning, starting the project before decisions are made, and, most importantly, not sticking to a predetermined schedule.

The Traditional Approach

In contrast, the traditional method involves an option for the homeowner to bid the project work out to separate contractors or specialists. Yet, they may not know one another, nor are they working together, so the design and budget goals may not sync up.

And because there’s no central project communications hub, this lack of team cohesiveness may lead to delays or conflicts between project design and execution.

It Takes a Village

“Alone we can do little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller.

A beautiful finished project shows the end result, a culmination of the combined efforts of many specialized individuals. Those outside of a project don’t see all the thoughts, ideas, and solutions that go on before, during, and sometimes after the project is complete to produce a space worthy of a delighted client.

Every project is unique and customized for our clients. The common denominator is that planning ahead and enlisting the expert eyes of our respective team members produces outstanding results.

An All-Around Exceptional Product Is Our Focus

Aaron & Co’s design/build method allows all the members of your project to be involved from the start, working toward the same goal. We understand how decisions made in the design stage affect the feasibility and budget parameters that will present themselves when we start detailed estimating.

Ultimately, your budget directly relates to your needs and wants, but we’ll be an advisor and mindful of your investment throughout the process.

Advantages of Design-Build

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) has identified several advantages to design-build over traditional design-bid-build: “This simple but fundamental difference saves money and time by transforming the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance which fosters collaboration and teamwork.”

  • There is a single point of accountability from initial consultation through project completion.
  • Communication is streamlined due to the design and construction administration being done by a collaborative team.
  • Because the builder is part of the design process, the team can work together, sourcing a combination of artistic and value-oriented products. Installation questions and issues that may drive cost are also discussed in this stage of the process.
  • There’s an increase in simple communication, and design changes go through a smoother process to ensure accurate execution.
  • With the team-build approach, there’s a better opportunity to build to the desired investment level.
  • Most importantly, the builder and designer are on the same team rather than adversaries, which assures a better result: a happy customer and a customer for life.

What To Expect From Aaron & Co.

When you choose Aaron & Co. as your remodeling partner, our focus is ensuring your project goes as smoothly as possible. Our talented professionals combine extensive architecture, construction, and project management expertise to skillfully bring your vision to life.

We believe the below traits make our design/build firm uniquely qualified to guide you through the often-complex world of home remodeling and renovation.

Feasibility Study

We are the Tucson area’s only design/build firm that begins the remodeling process with a feasibility study.

We conduct extensive research on your project, property, and desired features. We also thoroughly assess factors such as structural integrity, property lines, zoning rules, easements, existing utilities, and more. We then present you with our findings so you can decide whether to invest in the improvement or not.

Design/Build Firm

Because we design what we build, you enjoy a more streamlined process.

In the design/build process, your entire remodeling team is under one roof, working with you to bring your home vision to life. From initial concept to product choices and finishing touches, architects, engineers, designers, and project managers work as a unified team with one point of responsibility.

It’s a highly efficient process that makes the most of your time and money, eliminating many of the stressors that can occur in a more traditional design-bid-build approach.

Project Selections

We offer extensive project selections catered to your needs and preferences. We provide pre-packaged selections of flooring, faucets, and lighting for convenience and customizable choices for clients seeking a unique and personalized remodeling experience.


Schedule-based remodeling uses a project’s timeline and milestones to drive the project, ensuring efficient coordination between the entire team. Phases include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Concept creation
  • Selections
  • Permit drawings
  • Construction

Because we don’t start a phase until we know we can finish it, there are no unnecessary delays in moving your project forward. You get design and construction schedules that lay out major milestones, deadlines for decisions, and so on, so you’re never in the dark about where your project stands.

Proven Process

Our meticulously crafted design/build remodeling process ensures a seamless and stress-free kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home remodel. By fostering clear communication, efficient coordination, and proactive problem-solving, we consistently exceed client expectations by minimizing disruptions and maximizing client satisfaction.

Property Protection & Communication

Once your remodeling project’s moving ahead, you routinely meet with your project manager once a week at a convenient time to discuss what’s next and have your questions answered. We also take photographs during the entire process so you know what’s behind every wall and how things were originally built.

We also prioritize protecting your property. Would you prefer subcontractors not to use your driveway? We place barricades to accomplish just that. If you desire, we install fencing with shade cloth to conceal the construction and place construction toilets on-site. Inside, we build plastic walls and cover vents to prevent dust and debris from spreading to other areas in the home.

Universal Design Principles

To improve a home’s functionality, we default to universal design principles like low-profile shower thresholds, lever door handles, and slip-resistant flooring on all our remodeling projects.

Our team skillfully integrates these inclusive design elements to enhance accessibility without compromising aesthetics, and they do it so flawlessly that many of our clients don’t even realize their intentional incorporation.

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