Detached Garage Additions

Serving Homeowners in Tucson, AZ & The Surrounding Areas

Garages, as we know them, entered the world in the Roaring Twenties. In those days, they were chilly barn-like additions with rudimentary doors. Today’s garages have storage systems, automatic doors, slick floor coatings, and remote-operated access. The modern smart garage is barely a glimmer of its former self. It’s so intelligent it can even let your delivery personnel inside while you’re at work. At Aaron & Co., we believe that every garage should adjust to the person who owns it, so we offer custom-curated designs. Call us for a free consultation at (520) 999-4138.

Elegant, Durable Garage Floors

Gone are the days when garages had to be grey and overbearing. Your build can be every bit as elegant as your home interior, and it should be if you’re an avid handyman. Garages are exposed to corrosion and oil, so their floors tend to get scruffy quickly. Vinyl tiles or paint can bring the space back to life and make it more oil-resistant.

Your new garage might include a durable but elegant epoxy floor coating. We can add latex paint to your coating, or you can choose a two-part version with 100% solids. Trust Aaron & Co. to install your coating expertly. Our garage floor solutions are as lasting as they are beautiful, so contact us today.

Garage Doors

Garage doors tend to get more attention than any other architectural features, and that’s unsurprising when you look at the elegant options on the market today.  Whether you prefer elegant cherry wood or you’re a sleek fiberglass fan, our team will take you through your design options. We handle all the finest fabrications on the market today, so we can even work with faux wood that looks identical to the original material. We can also bring you smart technology that lets you operate your doors from anywhere in the world. We know that aesthetics are central to your build and that your garage door must fit into your existing architecture.

Contact us to discuss your curb appeal today. We cover the entire Tucson and Oro Valley region, including Vail, Sahuarita, and Green Valley.

Garage Cabinetry and Shelving

Utility is as important as aesthetics, so shelving and cabinetry will add user-friendliness to your space. Aaron & Co. renovates existing cabinetry and builds optimized shelving. The right cabinets will add vertical space, organize your tools, and prevent clutter. Slatwall systems are equally useful. If you’re short on horizontal space, we can even add a car lift. We’ll make sure you have all the shelving you need, no matter how compact your garage is.

Trust Aaron & Co. for Your New Garage

Regardless of your needs, our team will make the design and construction process a cinch. Aaron & Co. is more than just a renovator. We also build garages from the first foundational brick to the last lick of paint. We’ve been working in the Tucson area for many years, so we understand the zoning laws of the region. We’ll create a design that suits your car size and home architecture, whether you’re looking for an attached or detached design.

Garages are one of the most lasting ways to add value to your property. Detached designs can offer as much as an 81% return on investment, so let Aaron & Co. see you through the process. Our integrity and service excellence assures you of a positive experience. Schedule an estimate or consultation today.