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guest bathroom remodel with double vanities

If you love having guests spend the night, it’s considerate to offer a private space for them to get ready in the morning. Does your current guest bathroom leave something to be desired? Do you currently have no guest bathroom at all? Either way, Aaron & Co. can help.

We have 15 years of experience helping clients design and implement uniquely designed guest spaces, including bathrooms, suites, and entire guesthouses. Our team will listen closely to the needs of you and your guests to make sure the finished product is uncompromisingly beautiful and functional.

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Common Features Found in Guest Bathrooms

Guest bathrooms are the perfect opportunity to design a welcoming space unbound by the constraints of other rooms. After all, they tend to stand alone at the end of the hallway or be separate from the rest of the house. As you begin the design process, consider what makes a functional guest bathroom:

  • Three-quarter bath: If space is limited, a three-quarter bath containing a sink, toilet, and stand-up shower is a space-saving solution. Most guests don’t want to spend time soaking in the tub anyway.
  • Ample counter space: Guests often bring their own toiletries, so it’s helpful to have plenty of space to set these temporary items.
  • The right kind of storage: The guest bathroom is a handy place to store extra linens and towels, both for the family and guests. Emphasize shelf space over drawer space to ensure you have room for these types of items.
  • High-tech gadgets: Stock your guest bathroom with devices that boost the luxury factor. Some ideas to make your guests as comfortable as possible include a voice-activated speaker for morning tunes, a wall-mounted makeup mirror with built-in LEDs, and motion-sensor lights to prevent fumbling for the light switch.

Do these features inspire you? Do you have some ideas of your own? Let us know, and we’ll help you get your project started!

Challenges of Guest Bathroom Remodeling

The biggest challenge of remodeling a guest bathroom compared to other types of bathrooms is that you must anticipate your guests’ needs rather than your own. This might make you feel as though you’re designing a hotel bathroom, which can become cold and bland if you’re not careful.

Luckily, the team at Aaron & Co. can help keep your design on track. We draw on years of experience to help you create a space that looks beautiful and works flawlessly for the guests you typically host.

Add a Full Guest Suite as a Home Addition

If guests stay with you frequently, everyone benefits from a private guest space. This can take many forms. Bump-out designs and above-garage builds are options for adding a guest suite. You might also construct a detached building or modular home, introducing a guesthouse to your property. Both options are viable when you need square footage to accommodate a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Aaron & Co. can design and build a home addition to your specifications! Contact us today to begin planning.

Why Choose Aaron & Co. for Guest Bathroom Remodeling?

You want to work with a remodeling company that offers integrity, professionalism, and respect. The design/build team at Aaron & Co. offers these qualities and so much more. We have served the Tucson community with stellar guest bathroom remodeling services since 2006. Thanks to our thorough design process and impressive attention to detail, you can expect a stress-free experience and superior results. We even guarantee your satisfaction, so you can get started with confidence.

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