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When you bought your home in Pima County, perhaps you fell in love with the location, but you made compromises on the house itself. Or maybe your needs and tastes have changed since you first moved in. Stop living in a space built for someone else!

With a whole-home renovation from Aaron & Co., you can create a custom interior that’s all your own. Let us help you identify the untapped potential of your home so you can enjoy comfort and convenience like never before.

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Redesign Your Home With Aaron & Co.

The most common projects we perform encompass the whole house or an entire home floor. We focus on improving the flow and function of the space while incorporating updated materials and color palettes. Full-home remodeling almost always incorporates a kitchen remodel and the renovation of one or more bathrooms.

This is your opportunity to change or improve every detail of your home. To help you achieve exactly what you want, we address:

  • Flooring and walls
  • Exterior doors and windows
  • Interior doors
  • Millwork
  • Staircases
  • Fireplaces
  • And more

Remodeling your entire house begins with a consultation. Contact Aaron & Co. today at (520) 999-4138 to get started.

Common Whole-Home Projects

Whole-house renovations and remodeling usually fall into one of these categories:

  • A whole-home remodel: Involves changing the layout by knocking down walls, reconfiguring room locations, increasing the square footage, adding new staircases, converting rooms from one use to another, and more.
  • A whole-home renovation: Focuses on upgrading the fixtures and finishes without reconfiguring the layout.
  • Combined remodels and renovations: Save time and money by tackling reconfiguration needs and updating fixtures and finishes at the same time.
  • Gut rehabilitation: Involves tearing a house down to the studs and rebuilding it.

Expand Your Living Space With a Casita Addition

Casita additions are an excellent way to expand your living space and increase the value of your home. At Aaron & Co., we believe casita additions are a perfect solution for homeowners who need more living space but don’t want the expense of a full-scale home addition.

Here are some of the possibilities that you can use a casita for:

  • Guesthouse or in-law suite: Transform the new space into a comfortable guesthouse or in-law suite for family and friends visiting.
  • Home office: A casita can be an ideal workspace for remote workers who want a separate and quiet area to work.
  • Studio or workshop: An addition can be the perfect space for artists or hobbyists to work on their craft.
  • Fitness center: A casita can be transformed into a fitness center where you can work out in peace.
  • Rental unit: Use the casita as a great source of rental income.

The possibilities are endless with a casita addition, and our team at Aaron & Co. can help you create the perfect space to meet your unique needs.

The Whole-Home Remodeling Process

The construction phase is the most exciting part of the remodeling process. Here are the main steps of a whole-home renovation:

  • Demolition: Depending on the scope of your project, this step may include pulling up carpet, removing old cabinetry, cutting holes in the floor, etc.
  • Rebuilding: Wood framing is put in, windows and doors are installed, and the house is made weather-tight as quickly as possible.
  • Utilities: Plumbing, electrical, gas, water, and other utilities are connected or restored.
  • Walls and floors: Once the behind-the-scenes work is complete, drywall, subfloors, and the finished flooring are installed.
  • Cabinets and appliances: If the kitchen and bathroom are part of your whole-home project, new cabinets and appliances are installed.
  • Final touches: Paint, trim, hardware, built-in shelving, and other final touches happen last. This is when you can add personal flair to your home with help from an interior designer.

Plenty of planning and designing is needed before construction begins.

Schedule a free consultation with Aaron & Co. to get your whole-home renovation off to a good start. Call (520) 999-4138.

Our Unique Design/Build Remodeling Process

A whole-home remodel requires careful attention to countless details. Aaron & Co. is a detailed-oriented design/build firm committed to making your priorities our priorities. From the initial in-home consultation to post-project feedback, our design team uses a proven process that turns your remodeling vision into a beautiful reality.

Our six-step design/build process ensures your whole-home remodel is completed on schedule and budget and satisfies all your desires.

  1. Complimentary in-home consultation: Let’s get to know each other and learn about your design needs and wants. We know a whole-home remodeling project is a significant investment, and hiring a contractor you feel comfortable with is a critical first step. Our first in-home visit is a no-pressure opportunity for us to hear about your project and for you to decide if we’re the ideal firm for you.
  2. Design, budget, materials, and selections: Once you decide our firm is right for you, it’s time to move on to the development phase, where we better understand your current space and what you hope to achieve. We work with you to choose materials, fixtures, appliances, and any other selections and then submit a final budget.
  3. Construction: Good communication is key to construction success. Before we get started, we establish lines of communication, work hours, dust protection, and any other special requests you might have. We also schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings to track your whole-home remodel’s progress.
  4. Substantial completion walk-through: Our goal is simple: a zero-item punch list. But if there’s anything that needs our attention, we’ll address it promptly.
  5. Post-construction evaluation: We’re always looking to improve the services we deliver. Once you’ve had a few weeks to enjoy your new home, we’ll meet with you to get your feedback on your experience and ask you to share any recommendations you might have.
  6. Warranty: Aaron & Co.’s two-year warranty ensures we promptly take care of minor repairs. For instance, caulking, drywall, and stucco can expand and contract with the changing seasons, so you might need minor touchups.

At Aaron & Co., we believe a well-designed and -executed whole-home remodel is an investment in your current and long-term well-being and happiness. Our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing our clients are happy they chose to work with us.

Why Choose Aaron & Co. for Whole-Home Remodeling?

Choosing a designer and builder is one of the most important decisions you must make during a home renovation. Aaron & Co. is a design/build company with well over a decade of experience serving homeowners in Tucson and Pima County. Our clients love us for our integrity, professionalism, and amazing customer service.

You’ll love our unique, award-winning designs and attention to detail, which ensure your comfort and confidence from start to finish.

Call (520) 999-4138 to discuss your whole-home renovation project today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole-Home Remodeling

Do I have to move out while my house is being renovated?

Whether you can continue living at home depends on the extent of the remodeling project. As long as a significant portion of the house remains untouched, you shouldn’t have to move out. However, the nature of a whole-home remodel is that over half of the living space is being redone. In this case, it may be more comfortable for you and your family to relocate until the project is complete.

How long does whole-house remodeling take?

Four to eight months is the average time span, but this varies depending on the scope of your project. For a more accurate estimate, meet with our design team to discuss what you have in mind for transforming your home.

When is the best time for a whole-home renovation?

If you’re concerned about weather-related delays, spring and summer could be the best seasons to schedule your project. However, this is the busiest time of year for home renovation companies, so you may get a deal on labor and materials if you decide to start in the fall or winter. Your primary concern should be choosing a time when remodeling works best for your schedule.

Is a permit required to remodel a house?

Generally, you don’t need a permit when making relatively minor changes — such as replacing plumbing fixtures, installing countertops and floors, and painting the walls. However, any structural changes — such as knocking down walls, increasing the square footage, and installing pipes or electrical wiring — typically require a permit, depending on your jurisdiction.

Skipping this process could make it harder to sell your home in the future. Rest assured that Aaron & Co. will handle the permitting process for your whole-home remodeling project, so you don’t have to.