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Remodeled kitchen with recessed lighting, curved island, wood-grain cabinets, and stone countertops.

Whether you have a big family or it’s just you and your pets, your kitchen space should accommodate your everyday lifestyle while providing a welcoming area for friends, family, and guests to gather.

At Aaron & Co., we proudly offer kitchen remodeling and renovation services to help bring your kitchen vision to life.

Through our personalized design process, we’ll deliver the custom-curated remodeling or renovation plans you need to achieve your dream kitchen in no time.

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Remodel Your Whole Kitchen With Aaron & Co. in Tucson

Sometimes, your current kitchen isn’t cutting it, and the only way to move forward is to start from scratch. We help simplify the kitchen remodeling process, working with you every step of the way to deliver a whole-kitchen remodel that transforms your culinary space.

From cabinetry and countertops to flooring and storage, our team will create a design that speaks to your tastes and meets your family’s needs.

Want to add square footage to your kitchen? You may be interested in a kitchen addition. The expert designers and builders at Aaron & Co. can replace cabinetry, add a breakfast nook, and build your dream kitchen island.

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Our Kitchen Design & Remodeling Process

When you work with a detail-oriented design/build firm like Aaron & Co., your kitchen design priorities become our priorities, too. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, our design team follows a proven process that turns your vision into a beautiful reality.

Our six-step design and remodeling process ensures your new kitchen meets all your desires and finishes on schedule and budget.

  1. Complimentary in-home consultation: Now’s the time to get acquainted and learn about your design needs and wants. We know a kitchen remodel is a substantial investment and that hiring the right contractor is a critical first step. Our initial in-home visit is a no-pressure opportunity for us to hear about your project and for you to decide if we’re the right firm for you.
  2. Design, material, selections, and budget: Once you choose us as your design/build partner, we move into the development phase. We gain a deeper understanding of your current space and goals. We work closely with you to select materials, appliances, and fixtures and present a final budget.
  3. Construction: We establish communication, dust protection, work hours, and other special requests. Weekly or biweekly routine meetings are scheduled to track your remodel’s progress.
  4. Substantial completion walk-through: Our goal is to have a punch list free of items that need attention.
  5. Post-construction wrap-up: After you’ve had a few weeks to enjoy your new kitchen, we meet with you to get your feedback on the remodeling experience so we can continue to improve our service.
  6. Warranty: The change in seasons often causes materials such as caulking, drywall, or stucco to expand and contract. Our two-year warranty ensures any minor repairs are promptly taken care of.

At Aaron & Co., we believe a well-designed and executed kitchen remodel is an investment in your current and long-term well-being and happiness. For years, our greatest joy has come from knowing our clients are happy they chose us as their design/build firm.

We genuinely believe the success of your project is the beginning of a lifelong partnership.

Kitchen Countertop Renovation & Remodeling for Tucson Homes

Whether your current countertops are exposed to excess sunlight and have faded, or you want to enhance your kitchen’s feng shui, our team can expertly remodel your kitchen countertops to your exact specifications.

Choose from our broad range of top-quality materials, such as quartz, marble, and granite, to bring long-lasting beauty and durability to your home. We’ll carefully assess your budget and style preferences to deliver a countertop solution that works best for your needs.

Contact our team to discuss your kitchen countertop renovation and remodeling options today.

Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Maybe your kitchen doesn’t have enough cabinets, or your cabinets aren’t optimized for your storage needs. Whatever the case, our team can deliver the solutions you need to enhance the functionality of your kitchen. Never search for space again with our built-in storage solutions and top-quality custom cabinetry built specifically for your home.

Get the kitchen storage space you need by contacting Aaron & Co. today about our kitchen cabinet renovation solutions.

Kitchen Flooring Renovations

Is your kitchen still rocking linoleum floors from the ’50s? It might be time to replace them with something more representative of your style. At Aaron & Co., we offer the highest-quality materials to help create kitchen flooring solutions you’ll be proud to show off.

From tile to hardwood and everything in between, whatever your design preferences may be, our team can bring the updated flooring solutions you’ve always wanted to your Tucson home’s kitchen.

Start by contacting our team today.

Why Choose Aaron & Co. for Kitchen Remodeling?

At Aaron & Co., we don’t just build kitchens — we create culinary experiences with a community focus that keep families happy for years to come. Our personalized design services start with a free, in-home consultation to help us get a better feel for your current layout and design preferences.

Once we finish our consultation, we’ll create a custom design plan that satisfies your unique style and budgetary needs. From there, we’ll work around your schedule to deliver the kitchen remodeling solutions you’ve always wanted.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodeling

What’s the average cost of a kitchen remodel?

The cost to renovate a kitchen can vary widely. The national average for an extensive midrange renovation is about $66,000. Installing high-end fixtures and luxury materials can raise the cost closer to $130,000.

Kitchen renovations that include fewer changes and midrange finishes typically cost $12,000 to $35,000. No matter how much you spend, consider that a remodeled kitchen increases home value, making it a worthwhile investment.

What’s the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The single largest expense is typically the kitchen cabinets, accounting for about 25% of the budget. Fortunately, cost-saving options are available. You might choose standard-issue cabinets rather than having them custom-made. You can even keep your original cabinets and reface the doors, install new panels, or replace the hardware to update their look.

What’s the cheapest way to renovate a kitchen?

Stretch your budget by spending your money wisely. In addition to lowering cabinetry expenses, consider these ideas to reduce your kitchen renovation costs further:

  • Purchase midrange appliances.
  • Opt for an inexpensive countertop material, such as concrete or butcher block.
  • Splurge on a faucet and choose a less expensive sink.
  • Paint the walls to revitalize the kitchen for a reasonable cost.

In what order should you remodel a kitchen?

Even if you leave the work to a professional, knowing how the kitchen remodeling process works can help you plan better. Here’s the order in which your contractor should complete the renovation:

  • Demolition
  • Framing, plumbing, and other rough-in work
  • City or county inspection
  • Finishing the walls
  • Installing windows and doors
  • Hanging cabinetry and installing plumbing fixtures
  • Bringing in new appliances
  • Installing the floor
  • Completing the final walk-through for quality assurance