The Design/Build Concept Explained

whole home remodel with open concept living and dining room


When you decide to renovate your home, you have two project delivery methods to choose from. The first is called design/bid/build. This is when a homeowner contracts with a separate architect and builder. The architect creates a design the homeowner loves. Then, the homeowner presents the plan to different builders who bid on the project. The homeowner must choose a bid before construction can begin.

While design/bid/build is the traditional project delivery method, it has some inherent flaws. One complaint is that homeowners must juggle relationships with multiple companies. Another is that projects usually take longer and cost more than expected.

That’s why most homeowners these days prefer the design/build delivery method. Working with a single company on the design and build portions of the project allows for superior communication, collaboration, and problem-solving instead of pointing fingers and placing blame.

Benefits of the Design/Build Process

Still unsure which project delivery method is best for your home renovation? Consider the many benefits of the design/build process to help you decide.

  • Cost savings: The design/build model is inherently more cost-effective. You only work with one company, so all costs can be accounted for early on. Change orders and mistakes are less common when working with a single company. The design/build process can save you 20% over the traditional design/bid/build method.
  • Time savings: A top reason to work with a design/build firm is to have your project completed faster. This method simplifies every step of remodeling your home, so each phase goes faster, and there’s less downtime between each step.
  • Complete collaboration: Because the architect and builder are with the same company, it’s easy to collaborate on projects. The design team will never create over-the-top designs and ask the build team to complete the work cheaply. Instead, the architect considers your budget and the anticipated construction costs throughout the design process for total continuity.
  • Single point of accountability: With design/build, a single entity is responsible for the entire project. If something goes wrong, pointing fingers is not an option. Instead, everyone works together to find solutions as a team.
  • Streamlined communication: The design/build team communicates clearly and effectively about your project, even before early design concepts are complete. This pattern continues on to you as you remain involved every step of the way. You also get to speak with a single entity about your project instead of juggling communication between two companies.
  • Pre-qualified subcontractors: You benefit tremendously from working with a design/build firm that has an established in-house team and pre-qualified subcontractors. This lets you focus on creating your dream home instead of worrying about who your builder will choose to complete the construction phase.

Design/Build Home Renovation in Tucson, AZ

At Aaron & Co., we recognize the inherent value of the design/build process. That’s why you can trust us to take your project from concept to completion!

We start with a complimentary in-home consultation. If our approach is the right fit for your needs, our designers begin crafting preliminary ideas. We confirm the budget early on, so you know exactly what to expect.

Once you approve the finalized design, construction begins! We work closely with our team of trusted subcontractors to ensure the design you fall in love with becomes a reality. Our job isn’t complete until you’re thrilled with the results.

Call Aaron & Co. at (520) 999-4138 or contact us online to begin your project with a free consultation.