Whole-Home Remodel: Where To Start?

Kitchen remodel with recessed lighting, woodgrain cabinets, granite counters & large island.Planning to remodel your home can feel overwhelming — especially if you aren’t sure where to start. Before your dream home can become a reality, you’ll need to start with plenty of careful planning and research. It also helps to have a knowledgeable team of remodeling professionals who can execute your exact vision down to the finest detail.

In this helpful guide, our team breaks down the fundamentals of planning your whole-home remodel from start to finish so you can prepare accordingly.

Create a Plan

The first step when starting a whole-home remodel is to create a plan. There are several factors you’ll need to consider when rendering a plan for the remodel, including:


Every whole-home remodeling project starts with a unique vision. Before reaching out to a contractor, you’ll want to have a good idea of what your vision looks like for your home.

Consider the size and scope of your project: Will you need a new floor plan? A home addition? Or will your whole-home remodel focus more on updating fixtures and finishes? Coming prepared to your first remodeling consultation with your stylistic preferences and overarching vision for the project will help you have a more enjoyable experience.


It’s important that you have some idea of what you’re willing to spend on your remodel. The overall cost of a remodeling project will depend on the materials, fixtures, and finishes selected. The final cost of your remodel also depends on factors such as structural or mechanical repairs, square footage, underlying problems, and location.


Once you’ve nailed down the budget and your vision, the next step is finding a knowledgeable contractor. It’s important to shop around and find a contractor that specializes in the type of remodel you’re looking for. For instance, a luxury home remodeling company probably wouldn’t be the best fit for a low-end modular home remodeling project.

Read plenty of reviews and make sure your selected contractor is fully licensed and insured to build in your region before contacting them for a consultation.

In-Home Consultation

After researching contractors in your area, you’ll want to schedule an in-home consultation so they can get a better idea of the space and its limitations. During your in-home consultation, you and the team will discuss all the details of your build, including your vision, budget, and desired materials.

As your team assesses your needs, wants, and desires, they should evaluate your existing space to determine whether your vision is feasible and what alternative solutions might be possible. For instance, if the current space is too small to accommodate the build to your precise specifications, your team might suggest a home addition, bump out, or a complete overhaul of your current floor plan.

Do Your Research & Know Your Limits

Whole-home remodels are complex projects that take lots of time and clear communication to get just right. In addition to understanding your vision, budget, style, and contractor, you’ll need to prepare for many other necessary steps, including:

  • Permits: You’ll need to ensure your remodeling project is supported by the proper permits required for your jurisdiction. The remodeling company you select should be the one to handle any permit requirements. Verify this with your team before starting the project, or you could be in for a surprise when it comes time to build.
  • Limits: Speaking of surprises, whole-home remodels often come with the unexpected. From supply chain shortages to material price increases, there are sure to be some compromises made along the way. Plan ahead by identifying what you’re willing to sacrifice and what needs to be included now.
  • Arrangements: Things may get uncomfortable in your current living space during your remodel as your team works to complete your vision. Be sure to plan out your living arrangements, so you have a place to stay while your remodeling project is underway.

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