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Creating a custom space that’s all your own is about more than finding a knowledgeable team of home remodeling experts. You need a team that’s capable of listening closely to your needs and bringing your unique vision to life. At Aaron & Co., our team will transform your Tucson-area house into a home, using your personal style preferences and design requests to inform our process every step of the way.

When you’re looking to bring renewed beauty, comfort, and functionality to your home, look no further than Aaron & Co. to get the job done right. Schedule your consultation with our team to begin your home remodeling project today!



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Whole-House Remodeling and Additions

The most common type of project we perform will involve remodeling the entire home or an entire floor of the home. We focus on improving flow and function, and of course, incorporating new and improved materials and classic color palettes. This type of remodel almost always includes a kitchen remodel as well as one or more of the bathrooms.

We will typically address all the surrounding flooring, replace or update the millwork and doors, transform an existing fireplace or staircase, and paint the entire space. These renovations will also address any exterior doors or windows that need replacing, and it is the perfect time to add a window or a door. It is your opportunity to change or improve every surface in your home so that it is exactly what you want.

Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation

Today’s kitchen is more than just an area to store and prep food. The kitchen has become the center of the universe in our homes and is now truly a gathering and entertaining space. Because we have chosen to specialize in kitchen remodels, you can be assured that our approach to designing a beautiful, well-thought-out space that is truly functional can be an expectation and not just a benefit of our expertise.

Not only do we provide a free in-home consultation for your kitchen remodeling project, but we also have a free kitchen downloadable e-book for clients to enjoy. Download your e-book and schedule your initial consultation today!

Aging-in-Place & Accessibility Remodeling

An aging-in-place remodel will transform your home into an accessible, secure space that will support your independence for as long as humanly possible. As the name suggests, accessibility remodeling adjusts your house to make room for your disabilities, and millions are choosing it over nursing homes and retirement villages. At Aaron & Co., we treasure the life you love. We’ll take care of your accessibility needs one dream at a time. Contact our team for a free consultation that will kick off your journey.

Bedroom Remodeling & Additions

Whether you’d like to turn mere sleeping quarters into a restful retreat or simply increase the number of bedrooms in your home, bedroom remodeling can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Aaron & Co. has more than 15 years of experience helping our clients in Tucson design and build beautiful, tranquil bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. Expand your master bedroom to create a true master suite; carve an additional bedroom from an unfinished space; or update the nursery to suit growing children: The sky’s the limit!

Tucson Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Services

Bathrooms should be sanctuaries where you can go to refresh and relax. At Aaron & Co., our team will help you maximize the space available in your bathroom, creating beautiful spaces that foster relaxation and organization. Whether you’re looking for a claw-foot tub, heated flooring, or an eye-catching backsplash, our team can help bring your unique bathroom remodeling vision to life.

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Home & Room Additions

Is your home lacking the extra space it needs? We’ll help create the extra room your house needs to truly feel like a home. From offices and game rooms to nurseries and screened-in porches, whatever your design desires may be, our team has the skills and expertise to make it your reality. Contact us to get started with your home addition project now.

Guest House Construction

Building a guesthouse adds an entirely new level of happiness to your lifestyle. It gives you the freedom to enjoy guests throughout the year, whether as paying holidaymakers or family guests. If you’re money-minded, it’ll also put you into the Airbnb market. Creative souls love their guesthouses for a different reason: They create art or writing space far away from the everyday home hubbub. Multi-generational living is more popular than ever, and the extra living space can bring your family together without requiring everyone to live under the same roof. Any time you need some quiet time, you can simply hop across the yard. Your guesthouse will revolutionize your social life and earning potential while simultaneously adding to the value of your home.

New Builds & Construction

Maybe your perfect home doesn’t exist — yet. That’s where Aaron & Co. comes in: Our expert team has years of experience helping clients carefully construct homes that meet their individual needs. From layout and structure to design and materials, we guide you through every step of the home construction process so you’re completely involved in your home build. Get the personalized home design help you need to make your dream home a reality by contacting Aaron & Co. today!

Architectural Design for Tucson Families

Proper project design and construction drawings are one of the most critical components of any project. Without these items, any project can quickly turn into chaos, causing unnecessary delays and additional costs. At the completion of the Architectural Design process, we will have a project binder that details all aspects of your project that are necessary to meet your needs and desires. Our goal is to be able to complete your project to your satisfaction without having to ask any questions. This allows you to focus on the experience and us on the production. Our Architectural Design services begin by our designer sitting down with you to ask questions to understand how you live. The designer will then present you with three different concepts. Many of the advantages of an in-house Architectural Design process include:

  • We are able to communicate realistic budgets along the way. This prevents the situation where a completed design exceeds your budget and you have to start over.
  • Our construction drawings are created from the viewpoint of a draftsman who has actually “pounded the nails.” This allows us to save you time and money by implementing construction methods that we have refined over the years.
  • Because we created the design and construction drawings, we have intimate knowledge of the project prior to commencement
  • The Architectural Design process allows you and us to work together for a period of time to ensure a mutual fit. There is nothing worse than engaging in a project to find out you just don’t get along.

Why Choose Aaron & Co.?

At Aaron & Co., our team delivers a truly personalized remodeling experience from start to finish. Beginning with our free, in-home consultation, we’ll evaluate your current home’s layout and identify opportunities for improvement based on our conversation. We’ll assess your individual design preferences and deliver detailed solutions that meet your stylistic and budgetary needs. Not only is our team exceptionally capable, but we strive for honesty, integrity, professionalism, and respect in everything that we do. Contact us to get started on your home remodeling project with a team that has your best interests at heart!

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Don’t let just any team take the lead on transforming your house into a home. Trust Aaron & Co. to provide the detailed, custom home remodeling design you’ve always dreamed of calling your own. No matter what room in your home needs remodeling, our team can help bring your creative ideas to life. Contact us to get started with your home remodeling project today.

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